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Kashiwanoha Park


Kashiwanoha Park

Kashiwanoha Park is the center of the Tokatsu area. Based on the principals of “Greenery, Sport and Culture and”. It was opened to offer the residents of Chiba a peaceful place to refresh and relax.

The 45ha. park has a Japanese garden, a floral square with seasonal flowers, a rose garden, an urban greening botanical garden and a consultation center where you can learn about trees and other plant life. There are also a number of available facilities, such as a community gymnasium, tennis courts, an athletics stadium and a baseball field.

Sakura Kabu Inari Shrine (Ch……


Sakura Kabu Inari Shrine (Cherry Blossom Stump Inari Shrine)

This shrine is also called Mitoya Inari because it was built under the order of the aristocrat Tokugawa (Mito) Nariaki, the father of the last shogunate general, to perform ceremonies to protect against the fox (Inari) that once tricked him. The story between the fox and the aristocrat is a folklore.

A long time ago, there were two large cherry trees near the shrine but one of them withered to a stump. For this reason, this shrine has been called Cherry Blossom Stump Inari Shrine.  Even today, the local business owners would worship at this shrine to receive the blessing for prosperous business.

Teganuma lake


Teganuma lake

Cycling, Paradise of wild birds, and Instagrammable place.

Teganuma lake is one of the Prefectural National Park.
Many photographers come to take pictures at sunrise and sunset to get Instagegrammable photos. 145 kinds of wild bird inhabit here. It’s a paradise of the wild birds.
The south side of Teganuma lake is well-maintenance, you can enjoy walking and cycling and feel the refreshing breeze. There’re many shops, restaurants and cozy cafés along the lakeside.
You can buy or eat local food at Michino-eki (direct sales shops and restaurant). Also, there are Natural hot spring bath as a relaxing place.

■Michi no Eki Shonan

■Restaurants and cafés along Teganuma lakeside
①COFFEE STAND Hanakotori (Coffee shop)
②Tega Cafe

④Vegetable restaurant SHONAN

⑥BBQ Kingfisher Garden

⑦Fisherman’s Coffee Stand
⑧numa café coffee & curry

▼Natural hot spring Manten no Yu
⑨Natural hot spring Manten no Yu

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Teganuma lake cycling

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Akebonoyama agriculture Park……


Akebonoyama agriculture Park People gather and enjoy the seasonal beautiful flowers

Akebonoyama agriculture Park is the place where Kashiwa citizens can relax and enjoy the seasonal beautiful flowers. Plum orchard and Bamboo grove are well-kept. You can experience Japanese Satoyama (undeveloped woodland near populated area) at this park.
Also, at Vege Q, you can enjoy barbeque. Barbequed vegetables just harvested from the farm by yourselves and meat would satisfy your stomach. There’re many food stands and souvenir shops in the park. Small children can play at the playing area and the nursery rooms are available. Walking through the Hokusentei (Japanese garden) next to this park is very popular, too.



≪Optional Tour≫
Harvest from the farm and BBQ

≪Getting here≫
The Tobu bus links West gate of Kashiwa station and Mitsui-Danchi or Fusebenten.
The bus stop is announced and is called ‘Entrance of Tuchiyazu’(about 30 minutes from Kashiwa station). 8 minutes walk from the bus stop.

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Hirohata Hachiman shrine, al……


Hirohata Hachiman shrine, alive in the silence of the forest

More than 1,000 years ago, this shrine was built as the imperial prayer place of the Emperor at that time. It stands as a guardian god of Kashiwa in the silent woods surrounded in the air of different dimension.
Many people believe in this shrine. Five bodies of god are worshipped here, so national security, promotion of industry, family well-being, fortunes of family, realization of one’s earnest, driving safety, removal of disaster, academic fulfilment, ill recovery, safe delivery, bless with children, luck in the game, good luck are said to be blessed at this shrine.



≪Getting here≫
The Tobu bus (No.5 bus stop) links East gate of Kashiwa station and Nadogaya.
The bus stop is announced and is called ‘Nadogaya’. 20 minutes’ walk from the bus stop.
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The power spot, Fusebenten ……


The power spot, Fusebenten Toukai Temple Fusebenten with the history for 1200 years is famous for the Legend of Red Dragon

This temple was built in 807 as Kiganji(temple for prayer) dedicated to Benzai ten Statue made by Kukai(also known as Kobodaishi). Benzaiten is a Japanese nymph. She is said to prevent people from Natural disasters and bring wealth, honor, food, intelligence, arts, eloquence, long life, treasure, courage, win, and prosperity. Tokaiji is deeply believed by many people as the place thought to be with mystical energy. Also, there’re some old miraculous tales like the horse which got out from the painting and the giant who could stride over this temple.


≪Getting here≫
The Tobu bus links West gate of Kashiwa station and Mitsui-Danchi or Fusebenten.
The bus stop is announced and is called ‘Entrance of Tuchiyazu’(about 30 minutes from Kashiwa station). 10 minutes’ walk from the bus stop.
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Also, The Tobu bus links North gate of Kita-Kashiwa station and Mitsui-Danchi or Fusebenten. The bus stop is announced and is called ‘Entrance of Tuchiyazu’(about 30 minutes from Kashiwa station)
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Time table at Fusebenten (to Kashiwa station and Kita-Kashiwa station)
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『Wealthy farmer family’s hou……


『Wealthy farmer family’s house in late early-modern period : Historical residence Park The Yoshida family』

The wealthy farmer’s family, Yoshida lived in this beautiful gorgeous residence in the later 19th century. This is one of the national important cultural property. Each building was built in Japanese traditional wooden construction, and the beautiful Japanese garden is one of the attractions of this residence. There’s café next to the building where you can have special sweets and lunch.
English guide is available.


≪To get here≫
The Tobu bus from No.5 bus stop links West gate of Kashiwa station and Kashiwa public high school, Tokyu village or Kashiwa Tanaka station. The bus stop is announced and is called ‘Hananoi Shrine’. 5 minutes’ walk from the bus stop.
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≪Optional tour≫

Guided tour

Casual Japanese Calligraphy

Teganuma Firewroks Festival.……


Teganuma Firewroks Festival.Fantastic fireworks reflected on the surface of Teganuma lake never fail to fascinate 400,000 people.

This fireworks festival is held on the first Saturday of every August. Kashiwa and Abiko city corroborate to set off these 13,500 fireworks. Launched from the special platforms set on the Teganuma lake, reflected on the surface of the water, these fantastic fireworks will absolutely attract the people. Don’t forget to bring a rug to sit on and enjoy the local food after watching fireworks.


≪To get here≫
Around JR Kashiwa station and Kitakashiwa station

Kashiwa Festival , Mixture o……


Kashiwa Festival , Mixture of old tradition and new style

Every year at the last weekend of July, 700,000 people come to enjoy the Kashiwa Festival, the biggest events around here,
Traditional mikoshi parade, Nebuta parade, Performance of famous Kashiwa public high school brass band, stage events are worth seeing. Also, there’re many food stalls along the street, so it may difficult to choose. It is interesting to take part in as the carrier of Mikoshi and dancer of Nebuta. How about enjoy the Japanese traditional festival in Kashiwa ?

Date of Kashiwa Festival the last weekend of July from 13:00 to 20:00

≪To get here≫
Around JR Kashiwa station